Exams & COVID-19

When will your SELT centres be operational?

Currently, we anticipate our SELT centres being operational from 1 July 2020, though it should be noted that this date is subject to change based on the evolving circumstances of COVID-19. In some global regions, our SELT centres may open sooner than 1 July 2020, dependent on local government/state guidelines. As such, and in order to service potentially increased demand for SELT testing, alongside ensuring compliance with local policy and guidelines, we are actively coordinating our resumption plan.

In regions where local restrictions continue to remain in place beyond 1 July 2020, any applicants that have scheduled their SELT exam with us will be supported to re-schedule their booked exam slot. Our Incident Management Team continues to meet daily to review current information on the spread of COVID-19, as well as governmental responses and guidance to initiate necessary actions. This process will continue for the foreseeable future.

Our SELT exams are offered through Prometric’s Test Centre network. To prepare for Test Centre re-opening and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prometric has created an internal Channel Resumption Team (CRT) to determine operational and Health & Safety procedures necessary once Test Centres re-open. Comprised of various cross-functional leaders throughout the organisation, the CRT is responsible for developing, executing and communicating out the resumption initiatives, as well as identifying and providing resolutions to challenges that might occur during the resumption process.

As part of the CRT’s efforts to prepare for Test Centre re-openings, all of the below criteria are being taken into consideration. The criteria are subject to change based on the evolving circumstances of the pandemic:

  • Governmental Compliance: We will ensure compliance with national, state, and local government policies
  • Test Centre Cleanliness: Test Centre operations have been fully reviewed and Prometric continues to reinforce expected actions at all Test Centres around the world that will mitigate the risk of spread of the virus at Test Centre locations.
  • Customer and Employee Safety: Test Centres will:
    • be fully equipped with necessary TP supplies, including cleaning materials and other protective materials for staff.
    • continue to be given guidance with respect to daily Test Centre maintenance and recommended cleaning procedures.
    • permit test takers to use surgical face masks and gloves (these items are subject to visual inspection upon entry into the Test Centre and clear guidelines are published regarding their permitted use).
    • enforce social distancing practices throughout the check-in and testing process, as per local guidance.
    • provide all Prometric Test Centre staff with protective masks to help reduce the risk of infection.
    • limit points of physical contact between staff and test takers.
    • provide a clear, easy to read list of expectations for conduct at the Test Centre.
  • Enacting strict social-distancing practices: There will be necessary measures put in place at re-opened Test Centres. To help to ensure the health and safety of Test Centre staff and customers when a Test Centre is re-opened, social-distancing policies during test operations will be enacted. These policies and our plans will be defined on a country by country basis in compliance with applicable government guidelines.

Why are you announcing this when the centres aren’t open?

In November 2019, PeopleCert, in partnership with LanguageCert and Prometric®, was awarded a multi-year agreement with UK Visas and Immigration to deliver Home Office approved SELT tests in the UK and globally. Despite the pandemic, individuals still aspire to live, study and work in the UK once normal life resumes and the government’s COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Our announcement enables individuals who still seek to live, study and work in the UK to continue their own appraisal of SELT providers, in order to choose a provider that can best cater for their SELT needs. For example, LanguageCert offers a SELT voucher option, whereby individuals can purchase a SELT voucher now and schedule their exam at a later, future date. By providing information now regarding our SELT services, Test Centres and purchase options, applicants are better prepared and informed, particularly in readiness for when SELT Test Centres re-open.

How can visa applicants stay up-to-date on the ongoing situation and on when SELT centres are open?

This can be done in several ways – Visa applicants can:

  • check our dedicated COVID-19 website page here which will continue to be updated as the situation evolves. The status of SELT Centre locations will be published on our dedicated COVID-19 web page, as well as our online SELT booking system . The booking system enables UK visa applicants to search for our SELT Centre locations and view available exam slots.
  • contact our Customer Service Team 24/7/365 for the latest information, guidance and support.
  • refer to the government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents web page which sign-posts individuals to the relevant SELT provider websites.

We will contact individuals who have purchased a LanguageCert SELT voucher as soon as we are confident their preferred SELT Centre is preparing to re-open so that they can book their preferred exam date and time slot.

Am I allowed to travel to a SELT Centre in the UK during lockdown?

 Travelling to a SELT Centre within the UK is allowed.

Exam Types

What is a SELT?

SELTs are Secure English Language exams approved by the UK Visa and Immigration service (UKVI) for Leave to remain, British Citizenship, Work and Student Visas. LanguageCert is one of very few UKVI approved global SELT providers, offering LanguageCert International ESOL SELT exams for all visa types.

Which SELT exam do I need to take?

LanguageCert SELT exams offered for UK visa purposes are:

  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) – a single-branded four-skill language test accepted for work and study visas. This assessment solution is based on the Ofqual-regulated International ESOL (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) exam suite, which is recognised internationally and is available at the following CEFR levels: B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Speaking & Listening) – an Ofqual regulated two-skill language test designed specifically for visa and immigration purposes, available at levels A1, A2, B1. The level and type of the exam you need to take is determined by the type of visa you require.

Why choose LanguageCert?

LanguageCert is committed to its mission of developing and delivering high-quality English language skills assessment and certification that enhance the lives, education and career prospects of candidates across the world. We offer internationally recognised English language qualifications through a secure and smooth exam process that allows you to focus on what matters the most, that is your UK visa exam! We are here to provide flexible exam dates and times at short notice, produce fast, reliable exam results and offer friendly support.

We also provide complimentary LanguageCert International ESOL certificates to candidates that meet the Pass requirements of the respective qualifications in their SELT exams.


It’s the first time I take an exam through LanguageCert. How do I register?

Simply select the exam you are interested in at LanguageCert SELT website and you will be prompted to create a LanguageCert Account.

I already have a LanguageCert Account. What do I need to do to register for my exam?

Click here in order to register for your exam and use your existing credentials (user name and password).

I cannot access my LanguageCert Account. What should I do to reset my password?

If you find yourself locked out of your LanguageCert Account click here and follow the on-screen instructions. For further information you may contact our Customer Service.
Before your Exam

How does COVID-19 affect your UK visa English language exam?

At present, the majority of SELT Test Centres around the world are closed and no exams are taking place. To support UK Visa applicants in these challenging times, individuals can purchase LanguageCert SELT exam vouchers online. When purchasing exam vouchers, applicants have two options available to choose from. They can select an exam date (with slots becoming available from 1 July) or choose to sit for their exam later, with the knowledge that when live SELT exam delivery re-opens, they simply book the exam slot that suits them best.

Where can I take LanguageCert International ESOL SELT exams?

As per UKVI requirement, UK visa exams must be taken at SELT Test Centres. To find a SELT Test Centre near you, click here.

Can I take LanguageCert International ESOL SELT exams online?

LanguageCert SELT exams are not available via LanguageCert Online exams with live remote invigilation. LanguageCert SELT exams are available only at SELT Test Centres.

How can I book LanguageCert International ESOL SELT exams?

You can book your exam here.

How can I reschedule my exam?

To select a new date and time to take your SELT exam, simply log in to your LanguageCert Account, select "Overview", find the exam you wish to reschedule and select “Change date” which is displayed under "My exams". Please note that you can reschedule your exam free of charge up to 72 hours before its start time. An administrative fee will be charged after this point.

How can I prepare for my LanguageCert SELT exam?

LanguageCert has a wide variety of free self-study resources available, including practice papers, videos, as well as information on preparation publications.

Is car parking available at the SELT Test Centres?

No, there is no car parking available at any of the SELT Test Centres. It’s important that you plan your journey in advance in order to arrive at the Test Centre at the specified time. If you will be driving to the Test Centre please make sure that you plan ahead to identify nearby car parks.

How can I help to keep the test centre environment safe and hygienic?

All of our test centres have pre-exam waiting areas. Please ensure that you dispose of any tissues, empty drinks bottles or cups and general rubbish appropriately. Please avoid leaving any such items undisposed within the test centre. 

How do transgender customers who do not want to disclose their previous identity when booking a SELT test go about arranging this?

Transgender customers who do not want to disclose their previous identity should refer to the SELT pages for guidance.

Will candidates who have purchased Take2 for LanguageCert SELT 4facet exams get a refund if they unexpectedly achieve a High Pass for BOTH components?

No, the service is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot under any circumstances be redeemed for cash or credit.

Will candidates who have purchased Take2 for LanguageCert SELT 4facet exams get a refund if they fail BOTH components?

No. The service is non-refundable and can also been activated/redeemed under specific conditions.

Can candidates add Take2 for LanguageCert SELT 4facet exams after the registration?

Take2 can be purchased only during the initial SELT test booking.


What do I need to do on my exam day?

You must arrive at the SELT Test Centre 30 minutes before the start time of your test. At arrival you will be asked to complete the necessary sign-in procedures.

What kind of personal ID is required?

In order to be allowed to take your SELT exam, you must bring with you the same valid photo ID/Passport that you used to register for your exam.

Acceptable proofs of identity include the following: Passport, Valid travel document with photograph (excluding Emergency Travel Documents), Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), Biometric Residence Card (BRC), EU ID card or Government ID card (only accepted in the country it was issued).

Do I keep my personal belongings during the exam?

You will be provided with a locker to leave your belongings while taking your exam. Bags, mobile phones and other personal items are not allowed into the exam room.

Do I take all parts of my exam on the same day?

The LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Speaking & Listening) exam is a short session during which both skills are tested.
If you take a LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) exam:

  • when registering for your exam, you can select to take the Speaking component on the same day with the Listening, Reading, Writing component or within a period of 14 days
  • the Listening, Reading and Writing section of the test are always completed immediately after each other and with no break

What is SELT the exam format?

The LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Speaking & Listening) exam is a short online conversation with a live interlocutor.

The LanguageCert International ESOL SELT (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) exam consists of two components:

  • the Written component (Listening, Reading, Writing), which is taken on a computer
  • the Spoken component (Speaking), which is an online interview with a live Interlocutor

Are bathroom breaks allowed during an exam?

Breaks are only allowed during the Reading and Writing parts, but not not during Listening, Speaking or the Listening & Speaking exam.

Is car parking available at the SELT Test Centres?

No, there is no car parking available at any of the SELT Test Centres. It’s important that you plan your journey in advance in order to arrive at the Test Centre at the specified time. If you will be driving to the Test Centre please make sure that you plan ahead to identify nearby car parks.


What is the passing score of my SELT exam?

The passing score for each exam differs. SELT passing score will also appear on your Test Report. You can check the webpage of the SELT exam you’re interested in to find out the passing score you need to achieve.

How will I receive my results?

Your Test Report is sent via email and are also uploaded on your LanguageCert Account.

How long does it take to get my results?

If you are taking a Speaking & Listening exam, your preliminary results will be available a few minutes after your exam. The official Test Report will be issued 3 working days after your exam day. If you are taking a Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking exam your Test Report will be issued 5 working days after you have completed both components of your exam.

LanguageCert Certificates

If you achieve an average score of 60% or more in Speaking & Listening or 50% or more in Listening, Reading, Writing and/or Speaking you will be awarded the corresponding LanguageCert International ESOL certificate(s), regardless of whether you have reached your UKVI target scores in each of the language skills tested.

What is a Unique Reference Number (URN)?

The Unique Reference Number (URN) is required for your visa application and can be found on your Test Report.

Why do I have to provide my personal data to LanguageCert?

When we provide you with examination and certification services, some information about you is required in order to confirm your identity, ensure the validity of your result and certificates and provide you with a great experience.

Who has access to my personal information?

Your privacy is extremely important to us and we are committed to offering you a safe and hassle-free experience while visiting our websites and using our services. Only designated personnel and approved business partners in cooperation with whom we provide you our certification services have access to your personal information. We do not sell, share, rent, forward, exchange or otherwise pass on any personal information to third parties, except in the case where we are required to do so by law or by a governmental authority, or if it is required in order to protect the rights, property or safety of LanguageCert/ PeopleCert, and our business partners. You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

Support channels

Our expertly trained customer service is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 available up to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via contact form, chat, email or phone.